Phone: 337-291-8704

Chief of Fire Prevention : Chief Forrest Chaisson


The Fire Prevention Division focuses on educating the community on the benefits of practicing fire safety in the home and workplace to eliminate or reduce all type of hazards conditions which pose a threat to life, property, and the environment. The staff of 12 accomplishes high quality customer service through code enforcement, public education, and investigation into fire causes. 

The personnel assigned in this division are authorized to enforce the following codes as granted by the city of Lafayette Council and the State Fire Marshal’s Office as per LA R.S. 40:1563, Paragraph C and LA R.S. 14:156. Our bureau adopted and enforces the 2015 International Fire Codes, NFPA 101 Life Safety codes, various other National Fire Protection Association Codes, local ordinances, and laws/codes/regulations adopted by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal. 

The Fire Prevention Division comprise of two sections: Inspections and Investigations.
Fire Inspection
• Conduct annual inspections of commercial building within the City of Lafayette for code violations.
• Certificate of Occupancy Inspections
• Inspect local schools for code compliance
• Receives complaints from the public on hazards or possible violations of the fire codes, and process the complaint following department procedures.
• Oversees fire safety in public assembly occupancies at major public events.
• Promotes and provide fire safety education with lectures and demonstrations by using the Fire Safety House, films, etc.
• Provides smoke detectors to low income families, handicapped, senior citizens and deaf or hard of hearing citizens.
• Issue permits for public events whether indoors or outdoors
Fire Investigations
• Investigates all fires within the parish of Lafayette to determine the origin and cause.
• Conduct arson investigations
• Identify potential fire hazards and product failures
• Network with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies