Residents Strongly Urged to Continue Taking Cold Weather Precautions

Feb 17, 2021, 08:15 AM by Claire Regan


Jamie Angelle

February 16, 2021


Lafayette, LA – Below-freezing temperatures are forecasted to continue overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. While there is no longer a curfew in effect, residents are strongly urged to continue taking measures to ensure the safety of not only themselves, but our first responders also. There are still several icy patches that remain on roadways throughout the city and especially in the unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish. We are determined to prevent any further fatalities beyond the two lives that that were lost to these brutal winter conditions.

Travel Only if Necessary and Avoid Barricaded Roadways

Crews from Public Works and Traffic, Roads, and Bridges Departments have been working diligently over the last 48 hours to place barricades to close frozen sections of road and bridges. The closed sections of roadway have been deemed too dangerous for driving, it is critical that motorists do not attempt to drive around barricades or move them from the roadway.

Continue Conserving Energy

Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) continues to urge customers to conserve power. On-going sub-freezing temperatures are causing a surge in power consumption, straining power supplies throughout Louisiana. Power usage can be reduced easily by setting your thermostat to 68 degrees or lower, unplugging or turning off non-essential appliances or electronics, and avoiding use of large appliances.

Continue Conserving Water

With temperatures below freezing in Lafayette, water conservation is essential to maintaining sufficient water pressure in the system. Damage from frozen and burst pipes in the system can cause a drop in water pressure along with an overuse of water by customers. If water pressure drops below a certain threshold, customers will need to boil water before use.

LUS is advising customers to reduce water usage by turning off any faucets that may be left on or left running overnight as well as reducing washing machine and dishwasher usage. By reducing water usage, LUS can continue to maintain adequate water pressure levels.

If you do experience a burst pipe, have water issues, or if you are experiencing a power outage please call LUS at (337) 291-5700.