Statement on Results of Grand Jury

May 12, 2021, 08:56 AM by Claire Regan



May 11, 2021


Lafayette, LA –“Earlier today, District Attorney Don Landry convened a grand jury related to the shooting of Trayford Pellerin in late August 2020. The grand jury has returned a “no true bill,” resulting in no indictments against the officers involved. The grand jury’s finding that criminal charges against the officers are not warranted does not change the fact that a family has lost a son and the community continues to grieve.

We know that the Pellerin family and the community still have questions about the case. We have remained steadfast in our stance to allow the criminal investigation by the Louisiana State Police and the grand jury proceedings by the DA’s office to move forward as intended without any interference. This was intended to not impede or prejudice a fair process due to all parties involved. Mayor-President Josh Guillory has always expressed his intention to release the body camera footage to the family and the public. Nothing has changed in that regard. Despite our desire to be transparent and share the video from officers’ body cameras that was in our possession, the fact remained that this information was evidence in an ongoing investigation.

The criminal proceedings and grand jury have concluded. Thus, in keeping with the Mayor President’s stated wishes, and to provide transparency and more clarity for members of the community, the body camera footage from responding officers on the night of the incident, as well as the 911 calls made by civilians can now be released. The release of the video will be on a rolling basis in accordance with the Louisiana Public Records Act.”

-Jamie Angelle

LCG Chief Communications Officer

The files will be released on a continuing, rolling basis as they become available. Released video can be accessed by clicking the link below: