Jun 6, 2024, 15:01 PM by Caylee Deshotel



Lafayette, LA – Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) continues to aggressively address the extensive debris left in the wake of the recent May storms.

LCG is currently utilizing 16 contract trucks as well as two in-house trucks per day to pick up debris. As of June 6, crews have collected 50% of the overall debris, approximately 9,000 cubic yards. LCG’s contractors are expecting the first round of debris pickup throughout the city and unincorporated areas of the parish to be completed within the next two weeks.

Debris Pickup Schedule and Guidelines:

  • Collection Times: Collection efforts have started and will be ongoing, including weekends, until completed. Due to the excess volume, the debris may not be removed on your regular collection day.
  • Types of Debris Collected:
    • Yard Waste: Limbs, branches, and cut up trunks/logs.
    • Construction Debris: Small amounts of neatly-piled fence boards and roof shingles, subject to LCG’s confirmation it is storm-generated debris.

Instructions for Residents:

  • Separation of Debris: All debris should be at least three feet away from obstructions like fire hydrants and mailboxes and should not be placed under power lines or in drainage ditches. Do not mix yard waste and other types of debris as that will delay the removal of the material.
  • Non-Eligible Debris: Piles of trash that are not storm-related will not be removed.

Safety and Compliance:

  • Safety Precautions: To prevent accidents, do not place debris under power lines, near gas meters, or close to fire hydrants.
  • Compliance: It is crucial that residents follow these guidelines to ensure the debris can be collected efficiently and safely.

Residents can call 311 or 337-291-8517 with any questions about debris pickup. If in need of tree or debris removal assistance, call 232-HELP or 211 or fill out this form: https://www.tfaforms.com/4846998

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