Firefighter Recruits


300 East Vermilion Street
Lafayette LA 70501

Phone: 337-291-8700

Fire Chief: Robert P. Benoit

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a firefighter?
The steps are outlined Here.

2. What type of shift do firefighters work?
The shift is considered the “California Swing” shift. They work an average of a fifty-three hour work week. Our firefighters work 24 hours at a time, every other day, for 5 days. After the 5 day tour of duty is complete, they will be off for 96 hours (4 days). Then repeat the schedule. Simply, 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 24 off 24 on, 96 off. We utilize three crews in order to provide twenty-four hour protection to our community.

3. How can I get a copy of a fire report?
Contact our Administration office at (337) 291-8700, between the hours of 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday. Please have as much information as possible about the fire when you call (ex. Date, physical address, incident number, etc.) The processing fee for this report is $5.00. Our office is located at 300 East Vermilion Street, Lafayette, LA 70501. If you submit a request via mail, please provide all required information and payment. Any questions, call our office.

4. Where is the Fire Prevention Bureau located?
They are located at 2100 Jefferson Street. The telephone number is (337) 291-8704. Fire Prevention can answer questions about code enforcement, inspections, smoke alarm program, public education, and investigations.

5. What positions are entry level positions with the Fire Department?
The entry level positions with the Lafayette Fire Department are Firefighter, Communications Officer I, Inspector I, Investigator I, Training Officer I, Departmental Records Clerk, and Stores Clerk. These are all considered to be “competitive” positions (according to Civil Service) which mean that it is possible for someone outside of the Lafayette Fire Department to be hired for these positions. 

6. Do I need a permit to conduct a public assembly if it is an outdoor event?
Yes, whether it is being held indoors or outdoors, you need a permit. The permit application is available at the Fire Prevention Bureau, 2100 Jefferson Street, Bldg. B. It must be filled out and turned into or mailed to the fire prevention bureau at 2100 Jefferson Street, Bldg. B, Lafayette, LA 70501. It must have original signatures on it, NO photocopies.

7. When is a fire-watch officer required?
Fire-watch is required for any events were the expected crowd will exceed 500 attendees or where required by the Fire Official (for special circumstances like pyrotechnics, etc.). Please contact fire prevention with questions specific to your event. You may contact them at (337) 291-8704.