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Jun 9, 2022, 16:44 PM by User Not Found

“Run, Hide, Fight.” That was the message from Lafayette Police Cpl. Dwight Huval and Cpl. Derrick Miles to kids if threatened by an active shooter. Huval and Derrick, both SWAT team members, Comeaux High School Resource Officers, and former military members, wrapped up three days of hour-long sessions today, teaching kids key three steps that could save their lives. Boys and girls, ages 9-12, attending summer camps at Domingue, Heymann, and Comeaux Recreation Centers, walked away with basic information and tactics to keep themselves and others safe if confronted with an active shooter. Fifth grader, 10-year-old Karter Cormier said, “I learned about school shootings and police officers. They told me not to play with guns, and to hide and be safe and alert if an active shooter is in the building."
Talking to a crowd of about 40 kids sitting on the gym’s bleachers, Cpl. Miles said “I need you to find an area and get everybody away from the door. We’re going to stick together as a family, and we’re going to hold strong.” A game of hide and seek then ensued as part of an exercise on how to react in a life-threatening situation. Kids scattered throughout the recreation center, hiding in rooms, behind trash cans, and under tables and were instructed to hide and stay quiet until either officer found them.

The interactions were light-hearted and fun but serious enough to mentally and physically prepare them for an emergency situation. “The first thing we talked about is lock the door. That’s very important. The second thing, barricade the door. The third thing, hide, then we gather weapons,” Miles reminded them once more before wrapping up each session. “She was in a locked bathroom stall on top of the railing,” Cpl. Huval said pointing to a girl who tried to stay out of view as much as possible. “I couldn’t even see her.” 

Lafayette Police Public Information Officer Sr. Cpl. Matt Benoit said of the sessions, “Kids have to be aware and have a better understanding on how to react. It’s the reality that we face across the country.”