Compliance Division

705 W. University Avenue
Lafayette LA 70506

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 337-291-8005

MANAGER: Kathy Trahan

Administrative Adjudication Bureau (A.A.B.)

The Administrative Adjudication Bureau (A.A.B.) was established by the Lafayette City Council and Lafayette Parish Council for the purpose of adjudicating enforcement actions related to violations of Chapter 89 of the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government Code of Ordinances (LCG Code of Ordinances).

The Lafayette City Council and Lafayette Parish Council have since expanded the role of the A.A.B. as a mechanism for the adjudication of enforcement actions related to certain violations of Chapter 26 and Chapter 34 of the LCG Code of Ordinances.

Any property owner or business owner who has received a notice to attend a hearing for a violation should come prepared with all documentation possible that would apply to the property in question and its status. 

NOTE: submission of below documents does not guarantee a dismissal of the case or that no fines, fees, or penalties will be assessed.

Checklist of Suggested Documents:

  • CURRENT clear printed photographs of the property in compliance.
  • Recently executed contract(s) for repairs and/or demolition.
  • Permits covering the scope of work that will be or has been performed.
  • Certificate of Occupancy indicating that work was completed and the structure is ready for occupancy.
  • Copies of applications submitted to any board or commission.
  • Recent proof of active participation in a Federal, State, or local renovation or rebuilding program.

If you cannot attend a hearing you may send someone to represent your interest. You can also mail in or provide documents in person prior to the hearing to be considered. You may make a request to reschedule in writing. Any request or documents for consideration should be sent by mail at least 10 days ahead of the date of hearing to ensure arrival prior to hearing. You may also present documents in person prior to the hearing. PLEASE NOTE: Hearings are not rescheduled for convenience. The hearing will proceed on the time and date as scheduled. The Hearing Officer based on the information in the file will determine whether a new date is scheduled. You will be mailed notice of the result of the hearing.