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500 Girard Park
Lafayette LA 70501

Phone: 337-291-8374

DIRECTOR: Timothy Sensley

Arts & Culture

The Division of Arts & Culture is made up of 5 operating sections, all dealing with those areas that touch the entertainment and educational enrichment side of our daily lives. The 5 operating sections of the Division are:

Administration - This section oversees the entire Division and helps each achieve the goals set out.

Heymann Center - The Heymann Center is this community’s state-of-the-art performing arts center. It seats 2,200 and has featured some great performances such as CATS, The Parson Dance Company, and George Winston to name a few. The theater serves as the resident home for programming presented by the Theatre League of Louisiana, the Performing Arts Society of Acadiana, the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, Community Concerts of Acadiana and the Lafayette Ballet Company. The Center includes a 20,000 sq. ft. convention center that host a number of events, including Mardi Gras Balls, consumer shows and regional trade shows and conventions.

Lafayette Science Museum - The Lafayette Science Museum opened on October 29, 2002, and attracted more than 45,000 visitors in its first year of operations. One of the most popular exhibitions offered during the course of the year was the Titanic Science, on loan from the Maryland Science Center. The Planetarium presented a choice of seven school programs and eight public programs during this time, including the nationally acclaimed Clouds of Fire: The Origin of Stars and Secrets of the Southern Sky.

Acadiana Park Nature Station and Trails - The Nature Station provides Lafayette both an educational center and an eco-tourism designation. The area is comprised of 120 near-pristine bottomland hardwood forests that serve as the habitat for many of this areas native plant and animal life. Annually over 300 school classes (Pre-K, elementary, secondary and University) visit the facility and participate in the staff’s environmental education enrichment programs.

Maintenance - As with the Administration section, the Maintenance section provides the support to the three main operational components.