Legal Department


Phone: 337-291-8015

City-Parish Attorney: Patrick S. Ottinger



Can a citizen of Lafayette Parish receive free legal advice from the City-Parish Attorney?

No. The Office of the City-Parish Attorney cannot represent or give legal advice to individual citizens of Lafayette Parish. The Office of the City-Parish Attorney only represents the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government as a governmental entity. An explanation of the duties and responsibilities of the City-Parish Attorney can be found on Legal's home page.

Does the City-Parish Attorney handle child support matters, hot check complaints or criminal investigations?

No. Child support, hot checks and criminal matters are handled by the District Attorney for the Fifteenth Judicial District Court, Lafayette Parish, Louisiana.

If I receive a traffic ticket and need to pay a fine, can the City-Parish Attorney help me?

No. Tickets and fines are handled by either the City Marshall’s Office (337) 291-8723 or the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office (337) 232-9211.

Can I find out the status of a pending lawsuit or confirm a hearing date by calling the City-Parish Attorney?

No. You need to contact the Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court (337) 233-0150 regarding lawsuits and hearing dates in the Fifteenth Judicial District Court; and the Lafayette City Court Clerk (337) 291-8720 regarding lawsuits and hearing dates in the Lafayette City Court.