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The Development and Planning Department is the designated administrator of the Lafayette Consolidated Government disposition effort. In November of 2015, LCG adopted a process by which parties may apply for the disposition of these adjudicated properties.

An adjudicated property is a property which the owner has failed to pay property taxes and hasn’t been bid on at a tax title sale. The property becomes adjudicated to local government; however, it is still in fact owned by the property owner. State law allows local governments to facilitate the conveyance of these properties to a new owner. This transaction results in a non-warranty title and Lafayette Consolidated Government holds no obligation to guarantee the clarity of the title. Please consult the Lafayette Parish Assessor’s website,,  to check an individual property or see the interactive map listed below.

Applying for a sale or donation of an adjudicated property:

Anybody over the age of eighteen (18) who is not the/an owner of the property and who doesn’t own an adjudicated property anywhere in Lafayette Parish may apply.

Properties may be obtained by:

  • Sale by Public bid
  • Sale to a Qualified Adjoining Property Owner
  • Donation to a Qualified Non-Profit
  • Arm's Length Transfer

Adjudication Process Application

Adjudicated Properties in Lafayette Parish

Disposition Ordinance