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Criminal Investigation Division


It is the mission of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) to investigate crimes and other incidents, in the form of either preliminary activity or of continuing or follow-up activity, bringing each and every case to a successful conclusion; to coordinate all activities from other Divisions which are investigative in nature; and to carry out the overall mission of the Lafayette Police Department.

The Lafayette Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division is subdivided into four sections:

  • Adult Crimes
  • Youth Services (Juvenile)
  • Crime Scene
  • Narcotics
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Adult Crimes

Adult Crimes are divided into two categories. There are those crimes of property in nature and crimes against persons. Investigators in both of these categories are assigned cases that occur throughout the city on a weekly basis. Each case has a thirty-day turn around, meaning that detectives must complete the case within a thirty-day period, unless the case needs further work.

Investigators conduct follow up investigations on specific crimes, thus allowing patrol officers to concentrate on other duties. They are also charged with disseminating information concerning dangerous suspects that have been discovered during the course of the investigation. Investigators must then prepare a detailed report in chronological order that explains the course of the investigation. This would include references to witnesses and the collection of evidence. This report is subsequently forwarded to the District Attorney’s office to assist the prosecutor in prosecuting those individuals who have been identified as suspects in cases.



Youth Services

Investigators with the Youth Services Section are responsible for following-up on all cases that involve victims or suspects under the age of 17. Just by pure numbers, the investigators handle a large volume of reports that are generated in the school system and throughout the City of Lafayette. Investigators attend specialized training for dealing with juveniles. Additionally, the Lafayette Police Department employs trained investigators to deal with the increasing number of cyber-crimes.



Crime Scene

Crime Scene Investigators are part of a joint unit shared with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s investigators are on 24-hour call and report directly to the case detective when arriving on any scene. Once the case detective has briefed the Crime Scene Investigator, he or she begins to process the scene for vital evidence. This evidence is very instrumental in providing valuable information to the investigator. Crime Scene Investigators carry a complete evidence collection kit to include cameras, files, sketching equipment, fingerprint recovery tools, blood recovery materials, tweezers, scissors, boxes, bags, envelopes, tape, marking tools, evidence tags, and materials for lifting impressions (footprints, tire tracks).

Crime Scene Investigators



The Lafayette Police Department Tactical Narcotics Team (TNT) was put in place to combat drug activities within the city limits. TNT is made up of highly trained and motivated investigators who specialize in reducing drug trafficking and drug-related crimes by enforcing the controlled substance laws of Louisiana.

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