Lafayette Police Vehicle


900 East University Avenue
Lafayette LA 70502

Contact: Sgt. Robin Green
Phone: 337-291-8600

Field Training Unit

Since 1989, the Lafayette Police Department has placed its recruits through a rigid Field Training Program after completion of the P.O.S.T. basic academy. The structured training begins with six weeks of initial phase training. During Initial phase, the recruits participate in physical training and learn the Lafayette Police Department’s method of operation when dealing with paperwork and procedures. Recruits train on topics such as Defensive Tactics, Domestic Violence, K-9, Traffic Stops, Traffic Crash Reports, Active Shooter, Building Searches, Precision Driving and Advance Firearms. At the completion of the initial phase, training recruits are then placed in the field with Field Training Officers (FTO) to perfect their skills. Each recruit is evaluated on a daily basis and afforded additional training if necessary.

New recruits will ride for three months with a different training (FTO) officer each month. Those recruits with prior experience will attend an abbreviated training program based on their performance level. At the completion of the third month, the recruit is placed into a fourth phase of training for a two-week evaluation period. It is only after performing satisfactorily during the final two weeks does the recruit graduate to police officer status. The Lafayette Police Department strives to hire and train top qualified applicants.