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In 2002, the Lafayette Police Department responded to 16,448 burglary alarm calls. At the time it was 10% of the total number of calls responded to by the Lafayette Police Department. More than 98% of those calls were deemed false. At an estimated amount of $55 dollars per call it cost taxpayers $895,565.00 to respond to the alarm calls in 2002.

All users of alarm systems installed in buildings, structures or facilities which alert persons of hazardous conditions or unlawful entry are required by Ordinance #0-246-98 to pay a one-time fee of $20.00. This cost is designed to offset the cost of regulating false alarms. The ordinance prohibits operating an alarm system within the City of Lafayette without a permit. The following are frequently asked questions:

How do I obtain a permit for my alarm system?

A citizen may obtain an alarm permit application by, view the alarm permit information.

What happens if I failed to obtain an Alarm Permit?

Violators of the Ordinance will be fined, upon conviction, not less than $100.00, nor more than $250.00 for each calendar day of violation.

How does the Lafayette Police Department track alarm activations?

The Lafayette Police Department has installed a computerized billing system which tracks alarm activations. When activation occurs at a residence that does not have a permit, that resident is sent an alarm permit application, along with a form letter explaining the Ordinance and potential fines for lack of a permit. The resident has 10 days to comply with the Ordinance or face additional fines.

What if my alarm activates for false reasons?

The Ordinance provides each user of an alarm system, 3 free false alarm responses each year. The alarm user will be assessed a $25 fine for false alarms 4 through 9. A $50 fine will be imposed for false alarms 10 through 20. After 20 false alarm responses, the Lafayette Police Department may no longer respond.

Should the alarm user repair a faulty system within 5 days of the false alarm dispatch, the alarm user can forward a copy of the service ticket within 10 days of the dispatch to the Alarm Reduction Section. The Alarm Administrator will then review the service ticket to determine if a waiver will be given or a fine incurred.

An alarm user may be required to attend an alarm abuser class should it be determined that a site has had excessive false alarms within a given period of time.

The following are documents that can assist you in operating your alarm system without error. Please work with the Lafayette Police Department in reducing the number of false alarm calls.

Alarm Business/Monitoring Company Registration Form

*The Alarm Reduction Section may be contacted by email at or by calling
1-877-875-9177 for any questions or assistance