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Get a Copy of a Report

The Lafayette Police Department’s Records Section is charged with filing and maintaining all documented incidents that occur within the City of Lafayette. Approximately 50,000 reports are filed by officers each year and the records section must accurately house and maintain the information for public and court purposes. The following information and frequently asked questions are posed to the Records Section on a daily basis.

How do I obtain a copy of a Crash Report?

Get a Crash Report Online.

Also, the person involved in the crash can report to the Lafayette Police Department at 900 East University Avenue or 1820 Moss Street to request a copy. The fee for the report or any other related material is as follows:

  • Vehicle Crash Reports - $7.50
  • Statements - $1.00 Each
  • Initial Incident Report - $7.00 Each

What is the Lafayette Police Department’s policy on the release of reports?

In releasing information regarding a report that has been filed by a Lafayette Police Officer, an initial report is prepared from the reporting system based on the request. The victim’s name appears on the report only in circumstances that the report is being requested by the victim with proper identification and/ or insurance company. There will be no names or addresses provided if the victim is a juvenile, under the age of 18, or the report is a sex crime.

The initial report will contain the following content:

  • A computer generated synopsis.
  • The name and identification of each person charged with or arrested for the alleged offense.
  • The time and date of the alleged offense.
  • The property involved.
  • The vehicle involved.
  • The names of the investigating officers.

* A subpoena is required for the release of a complete report and/or arrest report.

How may a person or employer obtain a Criminal History report?

Whenever any person comes into the Lafayette Police Department and request their own criminal history, the person must provide a pictured identification card. The requesting person shall complete a release form and submit a fee of $5.00 for each request. The records clerk will only release arrest dates and charges on the form. Any person is entitled to their own records as long as they come in person and complete a release form.

In the case where another party is requesting a criminal check on a job applicant or an employee in person is requesting the information, that person must do the following:

  • The person will be required to sign a user’s agreement with the Lafayette Police Department Records Section.
  • A signed release form shall accompany all requests for background checks from the applicant in question.
  • Payment for these request will be required at the time said request is made.
  • The charge for services is $5.00 per applicant.

Other Charges and Request for Reports

  • Records Check for Employment (User Agreement Required) - $5.00
  • Reproduction of video tapes (Subpoena Required) - $30.00 Our Tapes or $20.00 With Tapes
  • Audio Tapes - $10.00 Our Tapes or $8.00 With Tapes
  • Compact Disk - $20.00
  • Fingerprints Inked and Rolled - $15.00
  • Report Copies (Civil Subpoena) - $5.00 First Page, Additional Pages $1.00 Each

*Computer search printout required by programmer – Charges incurred using programmer’s overtime rate.

Programmer must be contacted to get charges due (Subpoena Required).

All charges due in advance of reproduction.

Hours of Operation for the Records Section

Monday Through Thursday - 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (closed 11:00 am - 1:00 pm)
Fridays 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Lafayette Police Department
Attn: Records Section
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Offense Reports Phone# (337) 291-8621/(337) 291-8911

Crash Reports Phone# (337) 291-8620/(337) 291-8911

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