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Anne Famoso, Interim Director

Anne Famoso is a seasoned urban planner with a passion for community development and historic preservation. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Historic Preservation from the University of Mary Washington and a Master’s degree in City & Regional Planning from Cornell University, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as Lafayette Consolidated Government's Interim Director of Community Development and Planning.

Anne embarked on her planning career in transportation planning with the Iowa Department of Transportation, where she honed her skills in infrastructure development and city connectivity. She later transitioned to municipal planning, serving as a city planner for the City of Des Moines, where she gained valuable experience in urban development and zoning regulations.

In 2015, Anne and her family made the move to Lafayette. Her dedication to community growth and prosperity led her to assume the role of Senior Policy Analyst at One Acadiana where she focused on regional economic development initiatives.

In January 2018, Anne joined the Development & Planning Department of Lafayette Consolidated Government as a Development Manager, where she played a pivotal role in guiding the city's growth and development initiatives. Her expertise in economic development and project management soon earned her a transition to the Lafayette Economic Development Authority, where she served as a development liaison between LEDA and LCG. In this capacity, Anne worked closely with businesses to facilitate economic development projects and streamline the development process, fostering a business-friendly environment conducive to growth and innovation.