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Consolidated Planning

The Consolidated Plan (the Plan) is the combination of four Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) entitlement grant application processes: 1) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG); 2) HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME); 3) Emergency Shelter Grants (ESG); and 4) Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA). The Plan is also a strategic guide for identifying and addressing the housing and community development needs of the Lafayette Consolidated Government’s low- and moderate-income residents. The design of the plan was guided by the following national objectives:

  • To provide decent housing: Includes assisting homeless and persons at risk of becoming homeless in obtaining appropriate housing; retention of a jurisdiction's affordable housing stock and increasing the availability of permanent housing in standard condition and at affordable cost to low-income and very low-income families. Decent housing also includes increasing the supply of supportive housing which combines structural features and services needed to enable persons with special needs to live with dignity and independence.
  • To provide a suitable living environment: Includes improving the safety and livability of neighborhoods; increasing access to quality public services; reducing the isolation of income groups within a community or geographical area through the spatial deconcentration of housing opportun​ities for persons of lower income and the revitalization of deteriorating or deteriorated neighborhoods; restoring and preserving properties with special historic, architectural, and aesthetic value; and the conservation of energy resources.
  • Expanding economic opportunities: Includes the provision of jobs accessible to low-income persons, including provision of jobs involved in carrying out activities under programs covered by the Plan to low-income persons living in areas affected by those programs; availability of mortgage financing for low-income persons at reasonable rates using nondiscriminatory lending practices; access to capital and credit for the development of activities that promote long-term economic and social viability of the community; and the empowerment and self-sufficiency opportunities for low-income persons to reduce generational poverty in Federally assisted and public housing.

LCG Consolidated Planning Documents :