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Sober Living Homes and Fair Housing Act Reasonable Accommodation Request Information

The Lafayette Development Code prohibits more than four people from living in a single household if they are unrelated by blood, marriage, civil union, adoption or foster care if the property is located within a Residential Single-Family RS-1 zoning district.  Accordingly, more than four unrelated people living in a sober living home in an RS-1 zoning district violates the LDC zoning requirements and may also violated other requirements or authorities, such as building codes or fire safety requirements.

In accordance with the Fair Housing Act (FHA), LCG is requiring the sober living home to request and qualify for a “reasonable accommodation”, which will allow the home to exceed the LDC four-person limit.  Under such an accommodation, LCG will apply the LDC and other requirements and authorities to the sober living home in the same manner as to any other single-family residential use.

To apply for a reasonable accommodation, complete and submit the application below.

Request for Reasonable Accommodation

Procedure for Reasonable Accommodations

Model Conditions for Sober Living Homes