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AB Rubin - Parish District 5

Parish District 5 - AB Rubin

Abraham "AB" Rubin, Jr. returns for a second consecutive term representing Lafayette Parish Council District 5, having served on the Parish Council since 2020, then being reelected to his seat in 2023. He was born and raised in Lafayette and has been a lifelong resident for the past 56 years. Councilman Rubin has been married to his lovely wife, the former Sonya Harris, for the past 32 years and they share one (1) son – Quintin Pratt, three (3) daughters – Asia, Arin & Abriana Rubin, and two (2) granddaughters – Kenya Pratt and the two-week old Keeley Batiste. He has been employed by United Parcel Service for the last 36 years. Councilman Rubin is a 1985 graduate of Comeaux High School. He attended University of Southwestern Louisiana and graduated from Remington College as a certified phlebotomist. Councilman Rubin is also a military veteran. He is most proud of creating future leaders in our community, especially young leaders. Being able to see their projects come to light makes Councilman Rubin feel a warmth inside, as though it were his very own project coming to fruition. He is equally as proud of being able to see the smiles on people’s faces whenever he’s able to help them solve problems and other challenges they may have been facing. Councilman Rubin’s inspiration for public service is rooted in his origins from a servitude family, so he describes helping people as always having been "in (his) bloodstream." He was also motivated toward pursuing public service in order to give a voice to people like him, especially to amplify the voices of the residents of unincorporated Lafayette Parish.

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