Lafayette Police Vehicle


900 East University Avenue
Lafayette LA 70502

Contact: Public Information Officer
Phone: 337-291-8600

Precinct 2

Phone: 337-291-8600

Precinct Commander: Captain Jimmie Richard

Geographically, the boundaries of Precinct 2 are the areas bordered by Johnston Street, University Avenue, Walker Road, and Ambassador Caffery Parkway.

Precinct 2 is primarily residential and commercial. There are 2 major hospitals in the district; University Medical Center and Southwest Medical Center. Other notable locations are Lafayette Middle School, Prairie Elementary, Myrtle Place Elementary, Lafayette High School, Lafayette Community College, the Cajundome, and Cajun Sports complex and athletic fields.

Personnel in the Precinct are assigned to 4 alternating patrol shifts. Assignments to these shifts vary depending on information received through the Comp-Stat process. All of the officers and supervisors of Precinct 2 have received adequate training in this new program. Each supervisor was issued an Comp-Stat Operations Manual explaining the Comp-Stat process and what is expected of each rank. Officers are now patrolling a smaller area instead of the whole city and have been encouraged to take some “ownership” in their respective patrol zones. The goal is to become more “proactive” instead of “reactive.”

Officers have been instructed to meet and visit with the citizens in their Precinct and to become familiar with the routines of those areas. The program is similar to the “cop-on-the-beat” type of policing of the 40’s and 50’s. Citizens are encouraged to meet and communicate with the cop on their beat.

Thus far, the Comp-Stat program appears to be working and will only improve as we reach our goal of being fully staffed.