1515 East University Avenue
Lafayette LA 70501

Phone: 337-291-5637

DIRECTOR: Chad Nepveaux



Accepted Materials

All items should be placed empty, clean, dry, and loose in the recycling cart. Do NOT bag recyclables.


Aluminum, tin, or steel containers such as drink cans, baking pans & food cans (lids removed)

X - NO tanglers (e.g. wires, coat hangers, cables)

X - NO bulky materials (e.g. car parts, paint cans, propane tanks)

X - NO aerosol cans

X - NO hazardous waste containers


  • Mixed paper, newspaper, office paper & magazines
  • Gift wrapping paper (non-metallic, no glitter, no foil overlay)
  • Paperback books, catalogs & phone books (no plastic/plasticized covers)
  • Empty, clean and dry paper bags
  • Junk mail & envelopes
  • Dry goods packaging (empty flour/sugar paper bags)
  • Paper towel cores/toilet paper cores
  • Food & grease-free parts of pizza boxes

X - NO food/beverage cartons (e.g. milk & juice cartons, broth cartons)

X - NO wet/dirty paper

X - NO facial tissue

X - NO paper towels

X - NO food-soiled pizza boxes


Rigid plastics with screw top/neck

X - NO bulky plastics - nothing larger than a 5 gallon bucket (e.g. large toys, car seats, lawn furniture, large storage bins, water coolers)

X - NO hazardous waste containers

X - NO plastic flower pots

X - NO plastic bags, wrap or film (e.g. bubble wrap, case overwrap, grocery bags

X - NO foam (e.g. foam ice chests, packing peanuts, cups, plate lunch containers, etc.)

X - NO plastic coat hangers

X - NO plastic straws

X - NO tanglers (e.g. strapping, ribbons, rope, garden hoses)

What if the item has a recycling symbol?

While the recycling number or symbol can alert you to the possibility of being able to recycle it, this does not always mean that it is accepted in the curbside bin. If an item has a recycling number or symbol but is bulky, easily tangled, or in on the Not Accepted List below, DO NOT put it in your curbside recycling bin.

Not Accepted in Lafayette's Curbside Recycling:

X - NO glass, ceramics, or dishes

X - NO plastic bags, wrap, or film

X - NO yard waste

X - NO foam, aka "Styrofoam"

X - NO easily tangled items (no wire, hose, cords, rope, chains)

X - NO food waste

X - NO household trash

X - NO aerosol cans

X - NO light bulbs

X - NO facial tissue/paper towels

X - NO soiled pizza boxes

X - NO food/beverage cartons

X - NO bulky items

X - NO clothing, textiles, shoes, or accessories

X - NO metal or plastic coat hangers

X - NO furniture

X - NO garden hoses

X - NO lumber

X - NO construction debris

X - NO electronics, cell phones, or computers

X - NO batteries

X - NO tires

X - NO diapers (dirty or clean)

X - NO crawfish/seafood shells

X - NO dead animals

Contact the Recycling office at or (337) 291-5637 to answer your questions about what is currently accepted curbside.