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Annexation is a procedure wherein a property located in the Parish of Lafayette is incorporated into the city limits of the City of Lafayette. There are several benefits to annexation into the corporate limits of Lafayette, including garbage service, recycling service, lower utility rates, a better fire class rating, and zoning protection, to name a few.
The annexation process is conducted at no cost to the property owner and averages about 4 months to complete, depending on the size of the parcels under consideration.

The basic procedures are as follows:

  • Citizens meet with the City-Parish Government Annexation Coordinator to file for the request. The Coordinator will conduct the necessary research to determine the property owners affected and the number of registered voters in the area. Notices are sent out by the Development and Planning Department in accordance with State law advising the appropriate parties of the pending action. Petitions are then circulated to determine the amount of interest in the annexation.
  • Petitions are returned to the Annexation Coordinator and the Lafayette Parish Assessor and the Registrar of Voters verify signatures of support. Signatures must represent at least 51 percent of the area’s registered voters, 51 percent of its resident property owners, and at least 25 percent in value of the property of the resident property owners.
  • The Planning and Zoning Commission then votes on the recommended zoning assignments for the proposed annexation, and lastly, the City-Parish Council reviews the request for final approval.

Annexation Petition Application

Any interest or questions regarding annexation should be directed to the Development and Planning Department at (337) 291-8824.