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Subdivision is the process of dividing one parcel of land into two or more parcels and involves the layout of a parcel of vacant land into lots, blocks, streets and public areas. A plat of property, following the approval of the Planning Commission, is recorded with the Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court.
Platting is used for managing community growth and for implementing the Comprehensive Plan. The rules and procedures for platting can be found in the subdivision regulations. These regulations are administered by the Development and Planning Department.
There are a number of reasons why developers and citizens alike seek plat approval by the Planning Commission. These include:
  • Lot purchasers have some degree of official protection simply because a uniform set of standards is used to review the subdivision prior to its legal registration.
  • Taxpayers and subdividers are assured through the approval process that all subdivisions will be constructed to established standards.
In order to obtain a permit for new residential or commercial construction, a plat of the property must have been approved or considered a “lot of record” by the Planning, Zoning and Development Department. There are three (3) avenues for plat approval:
  • Planning Commission
  • Hearing Examiner
    • If the property being platted is five (5) acres or less in size, five (5) lots or less, and does not create any new public or private streets, then it can be reviewed through the Hearing Examiner process. The Hearing Examiner process takes approximately 10-15 days to complete.
    • The Director of the Development and Planning Department (or his/her designee) acts as the Hearing Examiner for the Planning Commission. The review process is the same as the Planning Commission, however, the approval time is shorter.
    • The Planning Commission must ratify all actions of the Hearing Examiner. Any action of the Hearing Examiner can be appealed to the Planning Commission.
    • Hearing Examiner Meeting Dates
    • Hearing Examiner Agenda
    • For a Hearing Examiner Application, please click here.
    • For a Hearing Examiner Variance Application, please click here.
  • Boundary Line Adjustments (BLA) – (application)